Writing texts on request – what to pay attention to?

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Creating texts upon request necessitates adjusting to the demands of the business. As a result, after receiving the order, we will examine the important points to consider in the upcoming post.

Writing texts on request

To put it simply, entrepreneurs need content that will fulfill their marketing goals. Copywriters often deal with:

  • texts for SEO – intended to increase the visibility of the website;
  • sales texts  – which encourage recipients to take advantage of company’s offer.

The service alone is insufficient, though. The customer wants to earn from SMS that are ordered. For this reason, the copywriter should be mindful of the following two matters:

  1. Is there a genuine possibility for the client to make money from the order execution (a single page or a large number of competitors might greatly diminish the impact of copywriting);
  2. Will the arrangement provide the best outcomes? A copywriter is the one who is most knowledgeable about the best kind of content to include and the ideal character count.

Thus, a thorough study must come before composing texts to order in order to maximize copywriters’ efforts and ensure that the organization is happy with the outcome.

A well-planned approach is more crucial than the sequence

A modest online store bases its category description ordering on a few generic key phrases in order to optimize positioning. Certain individuals show up for work without hesitation since they get paid by the customer, who makes demands. However, if the descriptions are to compete with major e-commerce platforms, the shop will not profit from such an order.

Good copywriter will come up with a solution adequate to the shop’s capabilities and make an interview with company, using similar questions:

  • What is the purpose of the content? (better SEO, sales, brand recognition)
  • What are the company’s resources? (is online shop working on the content in any way? Does the company outsource the acquisition of external links?)

Only after that, the copywriter may arrange the appropriate text structure for SEO, select key words and key phrases, as well as determine the required length of the content in order to summarize the project.


  1. Only a copywriter who acts as an advisor prior to taking the order can produce effective texts.
  2. Many elements affect the consequences that content will have, thus objective analysis and situational assessment are necessary before creating a document.
  3. Make sure the copywriter is fully aware of the company’s objectives and demands before making such an investment. Successful cooperation is built on mutual understanding and communication.

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