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We write high performing and well researched blog posts for your target audience and customers.


Why have blog articles?

Are you looking to drive traffic to your website? Our blog articles boost brand awareness, credibility, conversions, and revenue.

We take the time to understand your audience in order to write an article that resonates with them and their needs.

Choose a team of experienced copywriters to take care of your brand image.

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What will you find in our blog articles?

Blog articles


We curate content engaging our readers’ interests, ensuring resonance.

SEO Optimization

We implement SEO for enhanced Google SERP visibility and organic traffic.

Customized Content

We produce tailored content in 42 Kenyan ethnic languages.

Global activity

Blog articles in 50+ languages

As a content writing agency, we create blog articles in many languages, including:







When should you order a blog article?

Blog Articles

Add blog articles to your website regularly whenever you want to generate more traffic.

Whenever you want to connect with your audience through an online journal that details what the company is about.

Do you want a new audience to find you? Blog articles enables a new client to discover your products and services.

Blog articles - benefits

Unique & Fresh Angle

Content sets you apart from competitors.


Improve the brand image.

Increased Sales

Increase of revenue.

Unique & Fresh Angle

Establishing the uniqueness of your brand that conveys its value proposition.

We can offer new ideas, insights, and approaches that you may not have considered.

Keeping the audience captivated with witty and interesting articles that will make them want to try your products or services.




Social media marketing content is intended to efficiently and successfully help a target audience learn about your brand.

Instructional articles on a particular subject and the addition of other media to promote comprehension and dialogue. Images, movies, infographics, and interactive charts fall under this category.

Increased Sales

Blog articles can provide valuable information about your brand, helping customers understand their benefits, features, and uses.

Through organic search, social media, and referrals from other sites, more people discover your content and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

When customers perceive you as knowledgeable and trustworthy, they’re more likely to choose your products or services over competitors’.

Versatile copywriting

Copywriting – Industries

Our specialists will prepare blog articles for you from these industries and many others:


We expertly explore diverse tourism sectors and their economic significance.


Our writers specialize in exploring Kenya’s agricultural industry, showcasing its economic importance.


Our expert writers cover Kenya’s booming manufacturing sector, featuring diverse sub-sectors.

Mining & Minerals

Kenya is rich in tantalum, copper, gold, and other minerals. Tailored content available.


We specialize in ICT content, leveraging Kenya’s growing tech sector.

Financial Services

Kenya’s pioneering financial inclusion efforts garner spotlight for groundbreaking initiatives.

What does the cooperation look like?

The whole process is carried out in three simple steps:



Contact us by email or form and place an order.



We start writing customized and professional blog articles.



We send finished content to your email address.

What distinguishes our blog articles

Blog articles

Full Service

You can seamlessly add text directly to your website using our amazing services, simplifying the process of content management.

Fast Implementation

Our team of professional copywriters ensures quick turnaround times for your projects, guaranteeing efficient execution without compromising on quality.

Constant Contact

Contact us daily, 8am-9pm, via email or phone for prompt responses and seamless adjustments to cater to your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are blog articles?

Blog articles are written pieces of content posted on a blog, typically covering a specific topic or theme.

They often provide information, analysis, opinions, or insights on various subjects, ranging from personal experiences to professional expertise. Blog articles can include text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements, and they are commonly used for sharing knowledge, sparking discussions, and building communities online.

How long are blog articles?

Article size may fluctuate significantly – it depends on the discussed topic and information availability.

The length of blog articles can vary widely depending on the topic, audience, and purpose. Generally, blog articles range from 500 to 2,000 words, although some may be shorter or longer. The optimal length often depends on factors such as the complexity of the topic, reader preferences, and search engine optimization (SEO) considerations.

Will you post blog articles on my website?

Yes, once you avail CMS data we can insert blog articles into your blog.

When placing an order, ensure to give the instructions that you need so that we can prepare adequately with images and texts that we will use.

We will ensure that we learn your target audience adequately so that we can post a blog article that will boost your SEO.

When will I see the first results?

We work closely with you so that you can keep up with the progress.

In order to produce content that appeals to you and your target audience, we work closely with you from the beginning so every stage will require your approval.

This allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level by sharing stories, insights, and behind-the-scenes information about your business. Building these relationships can foster customer loyalty and repeat purchases over time.

How can I order blog articles?

Please contact us and write what you need.

What is the area of your activities?

We operate throughout Kenya, in towns like Naivasha, Kericho, Bungoma.

Satisfied customers

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We needed professional help in writing specialized medical texts. Even the most demanding topics were handled very well by the Content Writer agency. Scientific papers were written on the basis of a properly selected bibliography. An additional big plus for short deadlines and keeping agreements. We will be happy to continue our cooperation!


We are very pleased with the constant cooperation with Content Writer. The agency adapts well to our expectations and has carefully selected an author suitable for our industry (Internet and telecommunications). The texts are always delivered on time, and there are never any problems with the implementation of any corrections and fine-tuning of the texts.


We recommend the services of the Content Writer agency in the field of creating professional content in English. We ordered SEO and social media texts in this language and we were 100% satisfied with them each time. The cooperation is hassle-free and the customer service is fast and friendly. The products from our company’s offer have been described reliably and substantively, and the texts did not require any changes.

Smoke and Pork

We are a real estate agency serving the premium market, therefore we attach a very high importance to our content. We approached Content Writer with a demand for high-quality articles targeted at demanding customers. The provided content met our expectations, which is why we decided to cooperate with them on a permanent basis.

Vilea Property Boutique

Content Writer is the best choice for people interested in medical copywriting. Articles from this industry, which the agency prepares for us as part of permanent cooperation, are always reliable and devoid of factual errors, supported by solid research, and full of relevant information. You can feel the authentic commitment and medical knowledge of the writer in them.


As a large store with thousands of products on offer, we have a significant demand for content. We sometimes order even several hundred thousand characters a month. Content Writer is always up to the task and is able to deliver bulk amounts of content in a short time. We see the effects of this cooperation in the form of better positioning of our website on Google and more orders.

Meble Teo

Develop content faster than your competitors.