Full-time or part-time copywriter – who to choose?

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For both employers and copywriters, determining the best place to work is a perplexing question. Is it worthwhile to work remotely or in an office for creative jobs? In the following essay, we will look at the advantages of full-time and part-time copywriting. We will address the questions of who is more lucrative to hire and where it is best to work.

„Stationary” copywriter

A “stationary” copywriter is someone who generates content from the company’s headquarters.

This copywriter typically works for a large corporation and its marketing team. Working in the office greatly improves interpersonal interactions on larger, coordinated projects.

„Stationary” copywriter – benefits

For employee:

  • permanent job and stable remuneration
  • ready-made guidelines given before accepting an order
  • opportunities to work on huge projects
  • trainings and professional development
  • possibility to learn how to work in a team

For employer:

  • usually lower cost for copywriter’s full-time job
  • fast order execution
  • efficient consultation on text modifications

We believe that discussing downsides is pointless because they are diametrically opposed to remote work. So, let’s go right to the analysis.

„Non-stationary” copywriter

A “non-stationary” copywriter is someone who writes professional material for websites from home.

Working remotely is becoming more common, so let’s see if it’s worth it.

„Non-stationary” copywriter – benefits

For employee:

  • no need to commute
  • greater focus
  • possibility of further development while working for several companies
  • convenience and privacy

For employer:

  • free space in the office
  • possibility of contact not only during standard working hours

It is also worth noting that remote jobs typically do not have a full-time dimension, allowing the employer to settle accounts for a specific order, which may be advantageous in the case of smaller enterprises.

Full-time or part-time copywriter – who to choose?

You should keep in mind that the benefits described above are merely suggestions, and making the right option needs taking into account a variety of additional aspects. It may appear that hiring a “stationary” copywriter is a better answer for larger firms that handle lengthy projects and require “characters shred.”

However, some copywriters work full-time but remotely. They frequently create a large volume of professional content. Similarly, there is no shortage of “stationary” copywriters who work part-time or participate in internship programs.

Employers’ ideal decision is determined by the demand for the content, the specificity of the orders, the location of the headquarters, and broadly understood company policy.

Copywriters have a difficult time choosing a workplace. Writing in-house is entertaining, but projects may not be consistent, exposing the writer to salary fluctuations. Furthermore, increased competition makes consumer acquisition challenging. Remote employment is more suited to persons who have financial means and want to test their skills in this career.


  1. Choosing a workplace offers both advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Creating material remotely is handy and intimate, but it has limited stability and severe competition.
  3. A “stationary” copywriter is bound to commute and work intensively more frequently, but they also receive a consistent salary and learn to work on larger projects.
  4. Employers should consider full-time employment and outsourcing as independent solutions. The ideal option for collaboration should be determined based on the company’s situation and business policy.

Jennifer Njiru

Jennifer, a freelance writer and the COO of Content Writer Kenya, embodies ambition and innovation, dedicated to delivering high-value content to clients. A creative at heart, she implements organizational strategies to efficiently accomplish tasks, ensuring the provision of wholesome and distinctive content.

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