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Proofreading course

The goal of the proofreading course is to give participants the abilities to spot and fix mistakes in written material, guaranteeing accuracy, coherence, and clarity.

Proofreading – online course

We are recruiting for a training program that will thoroughly prepare you for work as a proofreader at Content Writer.

The following is what to expect for the duration of the program:

  • Customizing writings to adhere to brand standards.
  • Fully optimizing content for search engines
  • Verifying the wording of texts

You will practice the aforementioned topics throughout the course, guided by a committed tutor.

What distinguishes our

Proofreader course

Personal tutor

Provides follow-up and personalized guidance.

Practical lessons

Apply what the tutor has taught you and receive feedback.


We offer employment to exceptional course graduates.

Why it's worth starting

Text proofreading course

With a huge number of marketers already investing in content development, the demand for proofreaders is rapidly increasing.

Upon completing the proofreading course, you will become a specialist who earns money by checking texts from the comfort of your home.

Other industries that can employ proofreaders include:

  • Publishers i.e., books and newspaper
  • Journalism
  • Marketing

Which contains

Course program

There are sixty hours of intense study in the proofreading course.

During this period, you will learn all the necessary issues, such as:

Proofreading techniques

How to mark up a document effectively

SEO optimization

Improving a website’s visibility is part of the study.

Practical application

Learn about software, online tools, style guides and reference materials.

Specialized proofreading

Proofreading emails, memos, and business proposals for clarity and professionalism.

To whom do we target

Proofreading course

The course is open to all students and individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the writing industry. The only prerequisite is a commitment to learning.

You’ll begin with one-on-one sessions led by seasoned proofreaders — an intensive yet effective approach to mastering this profession swiftly. Throughout the course, you’ll engage in various tasks relevant to the role of a proofreader. Some of the other perks we offer are:

Certificate of completion

Upon completion, you will be awarded a personalized certificate of course fulfillment.

Practice quizzes

Develop confidence and familiarity with the tasks.

Reading list

Additional reading materials and resources for further learning.

Personalized time

Scheduled time for one-on-one assistance with the tutor.

The most important

Course information

Price – Ksh.28,250

The cost of participating in the individual teaching program. It includes all fees.

Training  – 60 hours

The entire duration of the course that we will dedicate to your education.

Completely online

The full proofreading course is done remotely; you will complete it without leaving home.

Where does your investment go?

The whole amount is used to support the work of the instructors.

We will work together to handle your education and the development of your proofreading reputation.

Personal tutor

After reviewing your work, we will always provide helpful feedback.

Customized tasks

From the general to the specific, we have thoughtfully organized a series of activities that unlock the mysteries of correction.

Company knowledge

Additionally, we’ll furnish you with ample organizational insights to aid in the development of your future career.

Consistent assistance

You can always contact your mentor with any questions you may have concerning proofreading.



If you have any doubts about the copywriter course, we may have cleared them up in the section below.

Is the proofreading course for me?

We don’t just provide comprehensive knowledge; we also lay the groundwork for enhancing your professional image. However, commitment is essential for successfully implementing the curriculum, as we delve into practical text-based exercises.

If passive learning through pre-recorded webinars or instructional videos suits you better, requiring minimal effort on your part, it’s an option to consider. However, immersive learning through hands-on practice yields the most effective results and offers additional perks, such as creating your own portfolio, which greatly facilitates job hunting as a proofreader.

Our educational approach avoids excessive theoretical and academic discourse; instead, we prioritize practical skills development that’s directly applicable in real-world scenarios. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on hands-on practice to swiftly prepare you for the profession. If this aligns with your expectations from a proofreading course, we warmly invite you to join us.

What does the text correction course program include?

Throughout the training, you’ll have the opportunity to correct 12 varied texts.

When reviewing the texts during the correction course, you’ll need to focus on several key aspects:

  • Ensuring language, punctuation, and spelling accuracy.
  • Establishing an appropriate text structure for effective positioning.
  • Assessing the substantive content of the checked text.
  • Adhering to formatting guidelines, including headers, bullet points, and bolding.
  • Adjusting the text’s appearance in accordance with brand guidelines.

Your mentor will then give feedback and provide guidance.

What is the duration of the course?

The total instruction time spans 60 hours, allowing for comprehensive correction of twelve texts under our guidance.

You have the flexibility to customize the course to fit your schedule, learning at your convenience. With a duration of 12 months, you have ample time to complete the entire training from its commencement.

Is there a chance for further cooperation?

Yes, the top-performing course participants are extended a job offer to join our proofreading department.

Our training program is designed for individuals eager to enhance their skills in this field. Consequently, we view every graduate as a potential proofreader within our organization.

Given the varying levels of proficiency upon course completion, we maintain contact exclusively with selected individuals.

Why choose a

Course at Content Writer

Registered institution

Our institution is authorized and registered in the Register of Training Institutions.

Cutting edge tutoring

We are pioneers in providing hands-on learning experiences under the guidance of industry experts.

Extensive knowledge

According to LinkedIn, we are the largest copywriting agency globally.

How does the

Proofreading course proceed

follows a well-defined framework for learning.


Content correction

Edit the texts in accordance with the given rules.


Receiving tips

Your personalized tutor will review the text and provide comments.


Receipt of the certificate

Complete the process 12 times, obtain a personalized certificate upon finishing the course.

Job offers

Have you completed the correction course? Check out the current recruitments to our organization. Remember to enter the certificate number when applying.

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