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Copywriting course

Take part in our unique copywriting course and equip yourself with the essential skills needed to captivate and persuade audiences through writing.

Learn remotely

Copywriting – online course

Do you aspire to become a top-notch copywriter? Take classes with us to create a solid writing routine.

We have compiled a course that will assist you to write so that you can earn money.

To improve your writing abilities and prepare you to work as a copywriter, we provide individualized consultations and coaching.

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What distinguishes our

Copywriting course

Dedicated mentor

Get a programme tailored to your skills.

Learning through practice

Write articles based on genuine writing projects from clients.

Image promotion

Use the professional content you will create during course to build your portfolio.

Why you should start this

Copywriting course

More and more companies choose online promotion and rely on copywriters for this purpose.

The right texts have the potential to:

  • Grow sales,
  • Improve web visibility,
  • Grow brand image.

After taking our copywriting course, you’ll automatically become a professional content creator.

Course program

You would gain extensive knowledge of producing quality business content.

You will thoroughly examine the course’s fundamental subjects, such as:


Start producing engaging material that actually appeals to readers.

SEO optimization

Learn how to properly optimize your contents to appear on Google search results.

Formal and legal issues

Learn about contract drafting and copyright transfers.

Keyword selection

Learn how to select the best phrases to improve the content positioning.

To whom do we target

Remote copywriting course

Do you wish to write for a living without ever leaving your cozy home? We have a course designed just for you.

You won’t get another pre-made module or course in which you are left on your own. You will instead engage in one-on-one instruction with experienced mentors.

We will modify the program to take into account both your strengths and your weaknesses. You can also anticipate a variety of additional advantages, including:

Completion certificate

A document attesting to your newly-acquired competencies.

Training materials

Access to educational materials directly from our academy.

Ongoing support

Have any doubts or questions? We are happy to help!

Collaboration possibility

We offer  positions within our organization to our exceptional trainees.


Course information

Training fee – Ksh.28,250

This is the price for taking part in our private learning program. All fees are included in the quoted price.

Course duration – 90 hours

Learn at your own pace by adjusting your learning schedule to fit your everyday schedule.

100% online

The whole copywriting course is online, so you can finish it without ever leaving your house.

What are you investing in?

Professional copywriting certification and more…You get a variety of extra opportunities from the copywriting course offered by Content Writer Kenya.

Guidance from your personal mentor

We will send you detailed comments, as well as specific recommendations and pointers.

Our editorial department will publish your articles

We will publish your articles under your own name on our partners’ websites.

Organization’s know-how

We use the techniques and tools you discover during the course to create even better content.

Ongoing support

The mentor will always be available to help you with any copywriting questions.



If you have any doubts about the copywriter course, we may have cleared them up in the section below.

Is the copywriting course for me?

Expect constructive feedback and recommendations throughout, aimed at refining your sentence structure and aligning content with Google’s criteria. We prioritize practical application over theoretical concepts, emphasizing the creation of top-notch content. If this aligns with your expectations from a copywriting course, we invite your active participation.

If you seek a comprehensive understanding of copywriting without spending years poring over books, our course is tailored for you. We prioritize intensive effort and commitment to swiftly equip you with the skills to craft impactful texts. From the outset, we focus on practical experience, mirroring real-world scenarios and adhering to industry standards.

Is there a possibility of subsequent cooperation?

We extend the opportunity for permanent collaboration to our top-performing students.

Our copywriting course is tailored for individuals aspiring to kickstart their careers in this field. Consequently, we view every graduate as a prospective candidate who may join our team in the future.

How long does the entire copywriting course last?

The course comprises 90 hours of intensive learning, during which you’ll craft 12 texts. These texts will be reviewed and published in your portfolio.

Keep in mind that there’s no time limit for completing the course. You can access it at any time of the day and study at your own pace.

Who are the course mentors?

Your instruction comes from seasoned proofreaders who have meticulously reviewed our copywriters’ content for years.

They are well-equipped to offer guidance on the texts you produce, pinpointing errors and providing constructive feedback to enhance your writing skills with each assignment.

Why should you take

A course at Content Writer Academy

Knowledgeable tutors

The best advice is to study the experts’ notes! Choose the experts from the world’s largest copywriting agency.

Certified institution

Our training department is listed under reference number 2.30/00127/2024 in the Registrar of Training Institutions.

Innovative teaching style

We avoid boring, complex ideas in favor of giving you the clear-cut, professional copywriter guidance.

How to get started

Copywriter course

When you enroll for our copywriting course, these are basically what you’ll be doing:


Content creation

Log in the system and produce material in accordance with our guidelines.


Feedback provision

After reading your entries, your copywriting mentor provides comments and guidance.


Content publication

We will fulfill our commitment to post your articles on esteemed partner websites, to build your portfolio.

Employment opportunities

Have you completed our copywriting course yet? Look through the positions for which we are now hiring on our careers website.

What they say about us

Satisfied students

My adventure with Content Writer started with student internships. From the beginning, the agency made a good impression on me. The subsequent stages of our cooperation only confirmed that this place allows novice copywriters to spread their wings and prove themselves in a variety of tasks. A friendly attitude to the employee, clear guidelines for each order and efficient communication make the texts a pleasure to create.

Agata Kalota

Working with Content Writer was definitely a very valuable experience. The practitioner carefully checked the written texts and gave valuable tips. Thanks to this, each subsequent content was on a higher and higher level. It is also worth adding that at the end of the internship, you receive a certificate, which is a direct document confirming the skills acquired during the internship.

Natalia Maciejek

Without leaving my home, I was able to professionally complete my copywriting practice, which opened the way for me to develop myself and my passion. I was getting quick feedback along with valuable tips for the future. Thanks to this, I was able to refine my writing technique and acquire new skills in a short time, and what is important to me – at convenient times.

Aleksandra Charlampowicz-Jablonska

I had dreamed of being a copywriter for a long time, but I lacked factual knowledge and skills. I was looking for various development opportunities and found Content Writer. During a few weeks of internship, I learned all the secrets of copywriting, I learned how to write so that others would like to read and buy. I gained valuable experience, and further cooperation helped me develop and train my writing skills.

Monika Kowalik

Develop content faster than your competitors.