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A career as a content writer offers flexibility, creativity, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact through your writing. Collaborate with us, earn money and attain new skills.

Send in your application and get to work on significant projects for reputable businesses.


Build your career with Content Writer

Are you looking for a writing assignment? Check out our current recruitment – In order to provide our clients with even more valuable content, we are now seeking new members to join our dynamic team.

Content writers create written material for websites, blogs, social media, marketing campaigns, emails, and other digital platforms. They may be responsible for generating ideas, researching topics, writing drafts, and revising content based on feedback.

Benefits of Choosing Content Writer

Flow of jobs

We will give you lots of orders once we establish a good rapport.

Adaptable conditions

You decide what jobs you want to take that suits your skills.

Attractive rates

We pay our copywriters at good and competitive rates.

What it looks like

Working with Content Writer

In our agency, a team of experts meticulously ranging from content writers, translators, proofreaders among others review content to guarantee it achieves the utmost standard, ensuring client satisfaction 

Our core relies on remote work, supported by an organizational system that delivers high-quality work to clients at an affordable rate.

Utilizing digital platforms, our diverse teams leverage their expertise to create a unique working structure that consistently delivers results.

What do we expect?

Content Writer is looking to find someone who can produce high-quality, engaging content that meets our needs and objectives. These are some of the qualities we are looking for:


Generate fresh ideas and think creatively.

Attention to detail

Be able to produce polished, error-free content.

Time management skills

Manage your time effectively, prioritize tasks, and deliver quality content on schedule.


Desire to learn

Continuous learning, staying updated on industry trends, and new technologies.


Questions and answers

We answer the most common questions related to a career at Content Writer.

What does the recruitment process look like?

After selecting the desired position, fill out our application. If we are interested, we will process your application and get in touch with you.

Which form of billing do you prefer?

We settle on the basis of invoices (B2B).

When can we start cooperation?

Kindly note that the processing of your application could take several weeks due to the volume of submissions.

How much is the salary?

The amount of orders processed in a given month determines the salary.

They talk about us

Satisfied employees

I have already worked with many copywriting agencies and I can honestly say that Content Writer is definitely one of the leaders. Most importantly, it is made up of professional, committed, well-organized and friendly people. This is crucial because it allows me to work in comfort and enjoy what I do every day. CW team – thanks for the great atmosphere and the opportunity for development!

Maciej Wisniewski

Working in Content Writer is pure pleasure – there are people you want to work with, open and friendly, orders that are pleasant to implement, a clear and transparent system, flexibility in the selection of projects and continuous development. What is not there? Fruit Thursdays, time for boredom and moments when the question arises whether it is worth being here. There is no coquetry in it either – that’s just the realities of working at CW 🙂

Roksana Krysa

Cooperation with Content Writer is exemplary. The agency provides many different orders. The terms of cooperation are clear, deadlines are feasible, and payment is always on time. In case of problems and doubts, agency employees are always ready to help and support. What I value most in cooperation with Content Writer is good communication, friendly approach and a constant flow of interesting orders, also in other languages.

Ewa Pasniaczek

I have been cooperating with Content Writer for over 1.5 years. And I can only say good things about cooperation. On the one hand, the selection of topics based on the experience, knowledge and interests of the copywriter is an advantage. On the other hand, cooperation takes place in a super-friendly atmosphere based on mutual trust. I definitely recommend this agency.

Maja Swiatnicka

I joined Content Writer at the end of last year. I was looking for new challenges and career prospects. Already with the first e-mail I received in response to my CV, I felt the friendly atmosphere of this place, which is undoubtedly one of its most important advantages. The next ones are: clear communication, clear rules of cooperation and interesting, diverse tasks that do not allow you to fall into monotony.

Ewa Kunysz

My adventure with Content Writer started with student internships. Already at the stage of searching for the right company, the agency made a good impression on me. The subsequent stages of our cooperation only confirmed that this place allows novice copywriters to spread their wings and prove themselves in a variety of tasks. A friendly attitude to the employee, clear guidelines for each order and efficient communication make the texts a pleasure to create.

Agata Kalota

Develop content faster than your competitors.