SEO copywriting – how does cooperation with positioner looks like?

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Nowadays, all copywriters are responsible for creating positioning text. Mutual contact with the positioner is critical to achieving the desired results. In the following post, we will demonstrate how SEO copywriting works in practice.

SEO copywriting in practice

Positioning in the usage of content is broken down into two stages: initial steps and regular publication of the content.

Initial activities

Initially, an SEO specialist or web developer determines the required SEO content.

For this purpose, web developers use the well-known “Lorem ipsum” or other fillers. After some time, professionals place the texts given by the copywriter. The second approach is having a copywriter create the strategy and content before copying it into the CMS platform.

In practice, the early step is entirely dependent on the preparations, therefore communication is critical for efficiently carrying out the orders given. Copywriters employ tools to choose keywords and content guidelines, which affects their operating procedures. The second component is CMS knowledge, which is mostly determined by whether the copywriter sends the words in a file or adds them directly to the website.

The initial operations focus on creating an SEO structure to maximize positioning potential.

The volume of information on your website is not the only important thing to consider. The site itself is as crucial as the structure and loading speed.

Regular publication of the content

When the customer wishes to extend subpages or launch a blog, the copywriter’s responsibility is to continue providing positioning content. At a later stage, SEO copywriting typically focuses on content creation and website development.

The way of cooperation in this case is determined by the size and nature of the organization, as well as the copywriter’s skills. Experienced writers can perform good on-site placement (e.g., adding headers or internal linking), while larger organizations have positioners who handle the SEO strategy. In such cases, reciprocal communication is predicated on sending instructions about the necessity for specific texts and key phrases. The copywriter finishes the work and sends the article back for publishing.

SEO copywriter or positioner?

It’s easy to conclude that there is no answer to the question. Both occupations have unique obligations.

The copywriter writes substantive text that is displayed in search engines. The positioner, in turn, collects links that increase the website’s potential, allowing it to climb higher rankings. Their operations are undoubtedly synergistic, and in the case of larger corporations, even essential.


  1. In practice, SEO copywriting consists of engaging with SEO specialists or taking individual actions. It depends on the agreements signed with the company.
  2. There are no hard and fast rules in this context, owing to the fact that collaboration is constantly dynamic and absolutely individual.
  3. Without a doubt, copywriting is a career that provides you with great material, which is the most important tool in the struggle for positioning.

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