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Content Writer Academy

We offer specialized courses in the craft of writing engaging and useful content for a range of media.

Copywriting blog

You get to learn about writing techniques, style, SEO and digital marketing, content strategy, editing and proofreading.

This is done through lectures, reading materials, interactive workshops, assignments, projects, feedback and mentorship.

Here, we offer a comprehensive guide to aspiring writers, professionals seeking skill enhancement, businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Copywriting course

This is a 90-hour individualized course on copywriting that places a strong emphasis on learning the trade via practice.

With personalized feedback from instructors and one-on-one mentorship sessions, you will be able to create content in no time

Once you complete with distinction, the potential for continued cooperation with Content Writer is enhanced.

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Proofreading course

We give students the abilities to spot and fix mistakes in written material, guaranteeing accuracy, coherence, and clarity.

This sixty-hour proofreading course will ensure participants gain proficiency with both contemporary digital tools and classic proofreading symbols.

The top students will be assured a job in the proofreading department at Content Writer.

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