Personalized copywriting or readymade texts? Which one to choose?

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Entrepreneurs that wish to enhance the amount of information on their website often face a difficult decision. Ready-made texts are enticing due to their low cost, but a voice of conscience advises you to contact or engage a copywriter. What should I choose? In this essay, we will explain the benefits of bespoke copywriting and compare this approach to packets of premade thematic pieces.

Personalized copywriting – benefits

The use of copywriting services is getting increasingly widespread.

Content marketing offers major economic benefits and is becoming increasingly important. Along with it, a large number of writers that offer a personalized approach to each client have entered the job market.

Should we be pleased about it? Of course, the market is currently flooded with opportunities, and every entrepreneur will find the ideal copywriter for their business.

Benefits from the personalized copywriting are:

  • Matching the content to the company’s needs –the copywriter’s principal responsibility is to study competition and match key terms to future entries. As a result, the client may be confident that the texts have a solid possibility of ranking high in search engines. In the case of premade packages, we offer the material to the website; nevertheless, keyword mismatches make significant visibility impossible.
  • High quality – if the organization cares about professional content, it will undoubtedly obtain it. The copywriter contributes to the creation of specialist writings from a given industry, thereby strengthening the brand’s image and position. The resulting texts’ quality is uncertain, therefore they may be just ineffective.
  • Ability to respond to the changes – Cooperation with a copywriter is founded on commercial relationships, which is why order implementation opens up new options. If a new issue arises in the organization that requires an efficient description, the copywriter will compose an article before competitors do. If any information is out of current, the text’s author will make the necessary repairs and modifications right away. Such collaboration gives up possibilities that cannot be obtained with prefabricated texts.

Readymade texts – benefits

If personalized copywriting were so profitable, text packets would not be as successful. Customers are still eager to invest on a choice of comprehensive, topical material.

Why is this going on? The obvious response is pricing. The copywriter charges and requires proper remuneration for writing ordered materials, which may be prohibitively expensive for some businesses. Whether your investment potential is limited, ready-made text packets provide material from a certain industry for a cheap charge for 1000 characters with spaces.

Personalized copywriting or packets of the readymade texts?

The ideal option is determined by a variety of circumstances; nonetheless, we prefer the first solution because of this basic rule:

One good text bring more benefits than ten neuter ones.

Of course, ready-made texts can also be of great quality. However, this is a statistical discussion. Copywriting tailored to a company’s demands is the most effective way to create revenues through professional content.

Working with a copywriter ensures that the texts are original and prepared in accordance with the request. Another benefit of this option is the ability to proofread and respond quickly to changes that arise.


  • Personalized copywriting provides high-quality content for every business. Reliable texts that are closely related to the company’s offerings drive vital website traffic and, as a result, potential clients.
  • Readymade texts, on the other hand, offer theme-related information at a lesser cost. They can effectively fill blog deficits and resources. Companies with a limited budget are more likely to choose this alternative.
  • Although the best selection is dependent on the circumstances of each firm, we prefer quality. This is accomplished through intimate engagement with a copywriter.

Jennifer Njiru

Jennifer, a freelance writer and the COO of Content Writer Kenya, embodies ambition and innovation, dedicated to delivering high-value content to clients. A creative at heart, she implements organizational strategies to efficiently accomplish tasks, ensuring the provision of wholesome and distinctive content.

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