The cheapest copywriter – is it worth taking price into account?

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Copywriting services have wide price variances. While some projects may have low costs, others may have higher costs. The reasons for these changes are diverse. However, it is critical to note that the lowest-cost copywriter is not always the best option.


Cheap copywriter = low quality texts

Although the above equation may be deceptive, it is valid in the vast majority of circumstances. Although we can occasionally find genuine gems at a relatively low cost, such circumstances are practically miraculous. Copywriters’ pricing is determined by the market and their competencies.

If the writer cherishes information and spends a lot of time crafting specialized content, a professional cannot do it just for a few KES. While low copywriting rates for 1000 characters may be competitive, they are typically reserved for inexperienced writers seeking quick orders.

Content marketing argues that only comprehensive, high-value publications with intellectual worth for consumers obtain attention, whereas mediocre texts may be a waste of money and have no impact.

What are the effects of cooperation with the cheapest copywriter?

  1. Poor quality content containing language problems, inconsistency with SEO rules, and improper for marketing goals. A cheap copywriter usually has no understanding how to write content that sells, builds brand image, engages, etc.
  2. Valid contact information: it is doubtful that the request for correction or change will be read. Low prices may lead to a lack of structure, yet this is an individual trait.
  3. Lack of legal issues: Cheap copywriters rarely provide invoices or transfer copyrights.

Again, we want to highlight that the features listed above are not rules, however they do correspond with prices. Although the contact in other circumstances may not be as important, and the invoice can be issued via portals for an extra fee, ineffective content is a drawback itself.

Is it worth paying more for a copywriter?

A professional copywriter can be paid up to five times more for the same number of characters. However, content marketing clearly demonstrates that one amazing piece can be more valuable than ten uninteresting articles.

A copywriter who specializes in this particular area also serves as an advisor. A copywriter does not simply fill out an assignment; instead, they will advise you on the ideal form of material. We frequently find situations in which text orders must be correctly updated so that they can provide genuine benefits. This is due to developing an optimal SEO structure or selecting relevant keywords. Working with a professional increases your chances of success.

A skilled copywriter is always prepared to help with modification. If a text does not match expectations, the author will correct it as soon as possible, which is especially crucial when dealing with a big number of characters or an immediate need.

Another advantage of hiring more expensive, but also skilled copywriters is that they address legal difficulties. Professional writers will handover property copywriters with the text and provide an invoice. This ensures that your firm remains protected when using the texts for their own marketing goals. The possibility of reducing VAT makes the final cost “less painful”.

We do not wish to recommend selecting simply the “writing elite”. Overpaying for texts may result in less investment in other marketing tactics for smaller organizations, making price a crucial consideration. The best selection is entirely up to you, but we want to make you aware of the hazards connected with hiring the cheapest copywriter.

So, if you read “Cheapest SEO texts on the market” again, you will see that there may be a catch somewhere, which you will only discover by working with the cheapest copywriter.


  • Despite the low price, hiring the cheapest copywriter is a risky investment, mostly because you may obtain bad-quality texts that do not result in sales.
  • Nowadays, quality is really crucial, therefore don’t be too cheap when acquiring material. The cheapest SEO texts on the market have little to do with increasing the company’s visibility.
  • On the other hand, hiring a very expensive copywriter may prove to be a disastrous idea, particularly for smaller businesses. When investment opportunities are limited, strike a balance.

Jennifer Njiru

Jennifer, a freelance writer and the COO of Content Writer Kenya, embodies ambition and innovation, dedicated to delivering high-value content to clients. A creative at heart, she implements organizational strategies to efficiently accomplish tasks, ensuring the provision of wholesome and distinctive content.

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