Authentic copywriting when running a blog – is it worth it?

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Similar to voice and pace, content varies from person to person. The question of which style is the best remains unanswered. Most likely, there won’t be a response at all. Nonetheless, it’s clear that personal blogs with real copywriting are quite well-liked. Let us examine the factors that contribute to this situation and determine if it is worthwhile to compose texts that are “in harmony with ourselves.”

What is authentic copywriting?

The definition is quite intuitive:

Authentic copywriting means writing texts in your own style.

Generally, the content is distinguished by its informal tone, candor, and frequent use of “me” or “I.” That is contingent upon the recipient group, though.

To be honest, the reason is that the author employs their own style, which is apparent from the outset in published pieces, rather than writing in accordance with the company’s guidelines. Why is this kind of operation carried out? Why is authenticity in such high demand?

Genuine copywriting: experts

There are advantages to writing in your own voice for both the writer and the reader.

First of all, when reading literature from particular groups, people frequently concentrate on their interests. They enjoy reading about topics they are familiar with, but they don’t always make a point of visiting new blogs and websites that cover novel ideas.

Genuine copywriting is an excellent way to hold readers’ interest for longer. Certain recipients become used to specific writing styles through frequent website visits. Loyalty is thus self-sustaining, as each genuine piece draws in new readers while holding on to the existing ones.

Second, the absence of restrictions and a framework promotes writers’ independence and writing concentration. This indicates that texts are produced more quickly and have a wide range of semantic variations in addition to being lightweight and reliable.

Genuine copywriting: drawbacks

Recent times have demonstrated how almost faultless this type of writing is! Since it is a frequently used and effective copywriting strategy, even for the largest firms, its application is still expanding.

Real copywriting has been restricted to use on freelance websites and for blog post creation in recent years. It was long believed that large companies had to follow a rigid code of conduct and act in a totally formal manner. However, we currently realize that “authentic” does not mean “amateur.”


This type of copywriting is characterized by high user activities and their interest, so it is more and more often used in content marketing – even among law firms! For this reason, it is worth considering such an approach and remember about authenticity in future.


  1. The foundation of authentic copywriting is producing engaging material in your own voice.
  2. This process not only expedites the composition of the texts but also enhances reader engagement. Regular entries also attract regular readers who are more likely to relate to the author’s opinions.
  3. Authenticity is a feature that helps with marketing efforts in addition to enhancing blog functionality. It is therefore even more frequently the focus of attention from different businesses.

Jennifer Njiru

Jennifer, a freelance writer and the COO of Content Writer Kenya, embodies ambition and innovation, dedicated to delivering high-value content to clients. A creative at heart, she implements organizational strategies to efficiently accomplish tasks, ensuring the provision of wholesome and distinctive content.

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