What is advertising slogan and how to create it?

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An advertising slogan is a powerful marketing tool if it is thoughtful and unique. It greatly aids in the development of brand identification, thus investing in a professional slogan is worthwhile. In the following post, you will learn about advertising slogans and the principles you should follow when generating them.

What is advertising slogan?

An advertising slogan is a short term that aligns with a brand and is intended to strengthen the company’s identity among consumers.

It has a brief structure and brilliant material, and its primary goal is to remain in the receivers’ memories indefinitely. Advertising slogans are formed because people recall specific expressions well, allowing them to easily associate the message with its author and sender.

As a result, the recipients associate the brand, which is a significant step forward for it because it might be favored in market transactions over multiple competitors. However, in order to have the desired effect, the slogan must be appropriate; thus, let’s look at how to write an advertising slogan.

Creating an advertising slogan – rules

As previously stated, the slogan must be brief and original in order to be remembered by receivers. The content should reflect the brand’s personality and firstly inform about its activities.

Interestingly, the advertising tagline has become more particular in recent years. SEO entries are becoming increasingly common; they contain the term for which the website is positioned. Despite this, we can develop a slogan in three ways.

Informative slogan

It is currently the most popular variety because of its practical character, which aligns with SEO principles. Furthermore, it does not take much originality, owing to the limited number of options available.

Informative slogans are : „Cleaning24 – professional window cleaning” or „HairStyle – a hairdresser from London at your service”.

Such phrases will work for small and local firms, but they are not appropriate for enterprises that plan to conduct a large campaign to increase recognition in the domestic market.

Creative slogan

This type of slogan is a viable option because it can capture the attention of people. Although it does not provide a lot of information about the company, it requires recipients to think, eliciting comprehension and a long-term link with the brand. These, like instructive slogans, do not have to be original, although there are some genuine pearls.

Creative slogans are „HealthThings – Your Life, Your Choice” or a bit less original „FitMed – a diet that tastes good and shape your mood”.

The previous example demonstrates that nothing hinders you from combining an innovative slogan with an informative function. The most effective company slogans are based on this synergistic blend.

Rhythmic slogan

A highly unusual form of phrase that necessitates a high level of inventiveness and public backing. It is exclusively employed by the largest corporations that promote their offerings on television or radio. Although certain requirements must be satisfied, the results are spectacular.

One of the most popular rhythmic slogan is: „I’m lovin’ it!”.

When we come across similar slogans, we replicate them in the rhythm established by the commercial. Music is the most effective technique for learning knowledge, which explains why young people cannot prepare for exams but know the words of popular songs quite well.

Remember that there is no pre-made recipe for an advertising phrase. A creative slogan is constantly forging new paths, thus duplicating prior concepts is not an option. Of course, studying numerous slogans might provide extra ideas, but ultimately, the content must be suited to the nature of the organization.


  1. Everyone is familiar with what an advertising slogan is. In real life, however, producing an effective slogan requires imagination and brainstorming, which allows us to choose one of many creative “candidates”.
  2. Advertising slogans are distinguished by their concise and appealing format, which seeks to increase brand recognition among recipients.
  3. Although some slogans are more realistic, others are more inventive; the best slogans are intimately tied to the nature of the company, its promotion channel, and investment possibilities.

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Advertising slogans

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