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Nowadays, it is getting increasingly rare to find a copywriter who is not familiar with SEO difficulties. The capacity to write in accordance with search engine criteria is required, so that the developed material generates money for the company. If you don’t know the fundamentals of SEO, read the article below! Instead than focusing on theory, we’ll look at specific examples of SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting – examples

It is not difficult to uncover instances of SEO copywriting; simply browse through any article that ranks first in a search engine. The more generic the key phrase, the more confidently you can apply the specific example.

When writing your own SEO text, you may come across beneficial plugins like YoastSEO. These monitor and verify that the content follows their criteria.

Unfortunately, the end result may leave a lot to be desired, owing to the fact that the article was validated by robots, which reduces its quality and authenticity. Nonetheless, let’s look at the most crucial assumptions behind the proposed SEO principles in practice.


The title, also known as the most essential heading (H1), should include the primary phrase on which you will position your paragraphs.

Meta title (screen)

It is not difficult to determine that the keyword for the article above is “history of copywriting”. When it comes to titles, it is not worth “messing around”; they must be clear to the readers.

It is worth noting that the used photo must be engaging and relevant to the article. Perhaps the “graphics” will assist you to gain website visitors, so pay attention to this part.


There are no set standards for SEO copywriting’s introduction. Nonetheless, it is a section that provides the opportunity to use your term for the first time.

You can also use phrases that answer to the users’ demands. For example, in the introduction of the article “How to Fold the Tent from A to Z,” you may include the phrase “In this article you will learn how to fold the tent.” Do not limit yourself to a single keyword or key phrase. The introduction is an excellent location to naturally incorporate a few of them (in addition, in other formats).

The main body

Good SEO texts are based on their substance value. Information must be helpful before it can be exhibited and provided to a bigger audience and recipients. Thus, the core of content, which is the major body, does not require us to adhere to any golden principles. It only has to be valuable.

The main body (screen)

Do not forget about the headlines! It is worthwhile to include essential terms in them; we are specifically discussing H2, which is connected to the overall issue discussed in the essay.


Another area where vital sentences might be carefully placed is in the summary. You can count on statements like “We hope this article has explained to you how to fold a tent.” It’s also a good idea to incorporate Q&A in the summary because it allows you to naturally place a variety of keyword combinations.

The ending could alternatively be sufficient and short, summarizing the entire piece succinctly with the sentence.

Summary (screen)

Does every example of SEO copywriting bring profits?

Keep in mind that several elements influence positioning efficacy, in addition to content style and keyword usage. The age of the domain and the link profile are crucial factors, therefore writing in accordance with SEO principles increases your chances but does not guarantee high results.

As a result, if you are serious about the copywriting industry, you should strictly adhere to the rules outlined above. As writers, we cannot guarantee the success of the company, but we do our best to ensure that the material fits marketing objectives.


  • In the following post, we looked at and discussed a few simple rules connected to writing texts for positioning.
  • It is definitely worth delving deeper into this issue in order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding and generate excellent content that will gain attention in search engines.
  • We hope that the SEO copywriting examples shown above are useful to you.

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