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Every copywriter should understand how to create and add headlines. This simple feature is critical for proper alignment and text clarity. As a result, we will go over how to properly create headers for SEO so that the content provides the most advantage.

Headings hierarchy

The first thing to notice is the hierarchy of headings. In other words, some are more or less significant.

A hierarchy of headings

The title, or H1, is the most significant heading. Every other element in this hierarchy “loses power,” yet it remains superior to the typical paragraph, i.e. the sort of information utilized most frequently in the article.

Aside from the title, we may select headers like H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. Remember the rule “Subordinates always describe the superior”?

  • H1 is the foundation of the text; it tells you what the content is about.
  • H2 are pillars that describe the key issues surrounding the topic.
  • H3 are smaller, shorter pillars that support the content of H2.
  • H4 elaborates on the material from H3.

In case of an article on computer gamers, the correct header hierarchy is:

H1: Do computer games help to learn? Research analysis
H2: The benefits of computer games
H3: Greater focus
H3: Better response time
H3: Better orientation
H2: Are all computer games the same?
H3: Types of computer games with positive impact
H4: Tactical games
H5: More wars or planning? This is a decisive point
H4: Economic games
H4: Music games
H3: Types of computer games with negative impact
H4: Action games
H5: The lack of a minimap influence better orientation
H4: Fighting games
H4: RPG games
H2: Computer games – summary

This sample demonstrates which sections of the text are vital and others contain simply minor details. This is the structure that makes it easier to read because of information separation.

Adding headings and key phrases

Appropriate hierarchy not only improves text clarity, but it also sends a strong signal to search engines. It informs the algorithms which phrases in the text are particularly significant.

We can use it in a straightforward way.

Headings are an effective way to position your post by using relevant keywords.

How many phrases should headings contains?

The proper amount is determined by the text’s total length. We recommend that you include keywords in H1 headers, some H2 headings, and half of the H3 headings.

In the preceding example, the primary phrase “computer games” appears in six out of seventeen headings. Google interprets not only this particular phrase, but also variations and combinations of these two phrases.

It is important to remember that having too many key phrases, as well as a lack of keywords, might have a negative influence. To be effective, the material must be natural, and attempting to manipulate ranking factors would simply damage its potential.

How often should I add SEO headings?

We repeat the natural tone of the text because it is the most important determinant.

In practice, headings are added every 500-1000 characters, separated by spaces.

YoastSEO’s writing rules suggest limiting texts to 250-350 words (1250-2100 characters with spaces).

In fact, minimizing large blocks of text is critical for readability and obtaining the information the recipient is seeking for.


  • Headings provide a clear framework for the piece and segment the content. They improve readability and positioning in this way.
  • Remember that a heading hierarchy exists. Minor material relates to the large one.
  • Including keywords in your headers is an effective technique to improve your website’s exposure on Google.
  • The more detailed the content, the more headings it will require to organize the information presented.

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Jennifer, a freelance writer and the COO of Content Writer Kenya, embodies ambition and innovation, dedicated to delivering high-value content to clients. A creative at heart, she implements organizational strategies to efficiently accomplish tasks, ensuring the provision of wholesome and distinctive content.

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