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Chinese copywriter – unique content in Chinese

Chinese copywriting requires specific skills and considerations to effectively communicate messages and engage the target audience.


Chinese copywriter – texts for your company

Our team of Chinese copywriters are fluent in both written and spoken Mandarin or Cantonese, depending on the target audience.

We combine linguistic proficiency, cultural awareness, creativity, and strategic thinking to produce impactful content.

We know how to appeal to Chinese consumers’ preferences, values, and buying habits.

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Texts in Chinese on request

Our talented team of copywriters offers full-service content production. Our primary copywriting services in Chinese include:

What characterizes our

Chinese copywriting

Language complexity

Use of Chinese characters, conveys complex meanings and nuances via single characters or combinations.

Cultural sensitivity

We understand that cultural references, idiomatic expressions, and historical context may influence the copy.


Adaptability in content format and length is essential for effective communication.

Business benefits from professional

Content in Chinese

Improved SEO

It increases the chances of attracting traffic organically.

Market penetration

Tailoring content increases the likelihood of resonating with Chinese consumers.


Shows a deep understanding of customer needs, creating competitive advantage.

Improved SEO

Baidu that holds the majority share of SEO has its own algorithms and ranking factors that prioritize content written in Chinese.

We incorporate relevant keywords and phrases that are commonly searched by Chinese users.

We tailor content to address specific regional variations and dialects.


Market penetration

Customization of features, packaging, and pricing to align with local tastes and expectations.

Developing compelling marketing messages and slogans that resonate with the target audience.

Tracking growth, brand awareness metrics, acquisition costs, and ROI from campaigns.



Innovating features, exceptional customer service, or unique benefits tailored to Chinese consumer preferences.

The messaging shows you offering to solve problems or fulfill desires better than alternatives.

Unique features, or sustainable practices can appeal to segments seeking cutting-edge solutions.


Implementation of texts in Chinese

Follow these three simple steps to get the content you need:



Give us your guidelines and order unique content.



Our copywriter starts working on your order.



Ready texts are sent to your e-mail address.


Questions & Answers

We provide answers to the most popular questions related to Chinese copywriting.

How do I place an order?

Get in touch with us and let us know what you need done. We’ll respond to you as soon as we can with an approximate order completion date and a recommended cost.

What is the price of Chinese copywriting?

Our pricing catalogue will give you an overview of how much it will cost but it mostly depends on what and how you want it done.

Do you write texts only in Chinese?

No. We have a wide range of languages from Finnish to Bulgarian, Japanese, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and many more that we work on.

Will I receive an invoice and copyrights to the written texts?

Of course, we will send you an invoice and give you the copyrights to the texts.

Will you publish content on my website?

Yes, we can publish articles on your website. Please let us know whether this is a service that piques your interest when placing your order.

What characterizes

The Content Writer Agency

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize client satisfaction by understanding their objectives, and aligning strategies with the objectives.

Measurable results

We use analytics tools to measure the performance of content campaigns. This includes tracking metrics.


Clear communication

Understanding client goals, providing updates on project, and being responsive to inquiries and feedback.


Content for foreign markets

Copywriting in 50+ languages

We create content in many languages. In addition to content in Chinese, our offer includes, among others:

English copywriting

Belarusian copywriting

German copywriting

Albanian copywriting

Polish copywriting

Bulgarian copywriting

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We needed professional help in writing specialized medical texts. Even the most demanding topics were handled very well by the Content Writer agency. Scientific papers were written on the basis of a properly selected bibliography. An additional big plus for short deadlines and keeping agreements. We will be happy to continue our cooperation!


We are very pleased with the constant cooperation with Content Writer. The agency adapts well to our expectations and has carefully selected an author suitable for our industry (Internet and telecommunications). The texts are always delivered on time, and there are never any problems with the implementation of any corrections and fine-tuning of the texts.


We recommend the services of the Content Writer agency in the field of creating professional content in English. We ordered SEO and social media texts in this language and we were 100% satisfied with them each time. The cooperation is hassle-free and the customer service is fast and friendly. The products from our company’s offer have been described reliably and substantively, and the texts did not require any changes.

Smoke and Pork

We are a real estate agency serving the premium market, therefore we attach a very high importance to our content. We approached Content Writer with a demand for high-quality articles targeted at demanding customers. The provided content met our expectations, which is why we decided to cooperate with them on a permanent basis.

Vilea Property Boutique

Content Writer is the best choice for people interested in medical copywriting. Articles from this industry, which the agency prepares for us as part of permanent cooperation, are always reliable and devoid of factual errors, supported by solid research, and full of relevant information. You can feel the authentic commitment and medical knowledge of the writer in them.


As a large store with thousands of products on offer, we have a significant demand for content. We sometimes order even several hundred thousand characters a month. Content Writer is always up to the task and is able to deliver bulk amounts of content in a short time. We see the effects of this cooperation in the form of better positioning of our website on Google and more orders.

Meble Teo

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