has exceeded 10,000 users

Already, over 10,000 writers have created free accounts to showcase their skills and enter the labor market. Thus, Content Writer effectively strives to create the largest community of content creators in the world.

Our target: 25,000 writers by the end of 2023

Mid-September was the date when we expected to reach a five-digit number of users. As planned, we have exceeded this threshold. Our strategy assumes that 25,000 people will register on the platform by the end of this year and over 100,000 in the following.

Such high numbers are the result of significant interest in the content writing industry. Currently, we are in the development stage of the platform so we don’t run any significant promotional campaigns – all organic growth is a result of meeting an urgent need: creating a universal place for content creators.

And although the platform is still in its early stages, the macroeconomic environment has already supports its popularity. The content marketing industry is still growing (~23% annually), as more and more companies want to expand their business online – with this, a multitude of content creators enter the job market. It is estimated that their number may already reach 120 million, especially thanks to India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the USA.

We still put our hearts (and code) into the platform connects both sides, showcasing the best content creators from around the world to companies. Thanks to this, clients can easily scale their websites and globalize other markets. On the other hand, writers can acquire new projects and advance their careers. It’s a simple win-win situation.

By the end of the year, we are going to complete the key features of the platform. We will share all news with our users and potential investors who would like to support this project. Let’s stay in touch!

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